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Meet the Team





President: Corey Auerbach

BS Aerospace Engineering
Minor Computer Science
Class of 2025

Corey is a junior studying Aerospace Engineering. He was previously in charge of the Competition Airframe team, and he loves design and manufacturing engineering. His vision as President is to maintain PART's professional operations while opening up the club to more membership events and activities.


BMD Head: Zaz Bell

BS Aerospace Engineering
Class of 2025

Zaz, a junior in Aeronautical Astronautical Engineering at Purdue, hails from Eldred, PA. With two years on the team, including prior experience on the Competition Airframe team, Zaz boasts diverse internship experience  within Integration and Testing, Supply Chain, Supplier Development, Systems Engineering, and Sales Engineering. He's committed to ensuring each new PART team member gains a valuable professional experience before entering the workforce.


Competition Head: Mateo Llerena

BS Aerospace Engineering
Class of 2025

Mateo is a Junior majoring in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering and interested in design and aerodynemics. He was previously a member of the airframe team and spearheaded the landing gear design and manufacturing. His goal for the competition Division this year is to propone a winning UAV for competition that can be improved and iterated upon by future members.


R&D Head: Josh Hyatt

BS Aerospace Engineering
Class of 2025

Josh is a junior in Aerospace Engineering with a specialization in propulsion. He was previously a member of the Competition Airframe and Integration and Test teams and has a passion for aerospace manufacturing and composite materials. As the lead of the R&D division, he hopes to develop creative engineers and support the competition team with new technology.


Treasurer: Cole Lush

BS Aerospace Engineering
Class of 2025

Team Leads

BMD Leadership

Isha Patel

Director of Recruitment

Kevin Gu

Community Outreach Lead

Avi Manik

Director of Social Media

Christine Quitalig

Marketing Strategy Lead

Competition Leadership

Isha Patel

Airframe Co-Lead

John Rolfe

Airframe Co-Lead

Cameron Johnson

Optics and Avionics Lead

Dane Hindsley

External Software Lead

Aarya Patel

Software Core Lead

Abhishek Kini

GNC Lead

Ethan Walker

Integration and Testing Lead

Dean Smith

Mechanisms Lead

R&D Leadership

Ian Laudo

Airframe Lead

Saahas Kotian

Testing Lead

Parker Hitchcock

Avionics Lead

Niall Moloney

Mechanical Systems Lead

Jason Jong

Manufacturing Lead



Dr. Shreyas Sundaram

Dr. Sundaram is a professor at Purdue University in the Elmore Family School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He conducts research in network science, robustness and resilience of complex networks and systems, dynamics on networks, fault-tolerant and secure control, distributed and decentralized control, graph theory. Dr. Sundaram supports Aerial Robotics at Purdue and provides close advise and insight for the members.


Charles D'Onofrio

Charles is a graduate student studying aerospace engineering focusing on dynamics and control, and systems engineering. He intends to add an MBA focusing on finance before leaving Purdue. Charles, having worked in NAVAIR's Propulsion and Power division prior to attending Purdue, sees tremendous potential in PART's ability to provide team members with tangible and highly sought-after expertise in engineering design and leadership not typically found in undergraduates. His vision for PART is to transform the team from a club to a renowned Purdue student-led organization.

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