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Interested in joining our team? Fill out the application below so we can get you started!


Systems Integration Lead: Andrew Swanback

BS Aerospace Engineering
BS Computer Engineering
Class of 2023

Andrew is a Senior dual-majoring in mechanical and computer engineering. His interests lie at the intersection of aerospace, autonomy, and artificial intelligence. While serving as PART's systems integrator, Andrew has followed INCOSE's systems engineering process to generate system requirements, and tracking. He has also overseen interface requirements and system verification and validation. His vision for the team is to implement a proceduralized industry standard systems engineering process.


Aeromechanical Lead: Eric O'keefe 

BS Mechanical Engineering
Class of 2023

Eric is a Senior studying mechanical engineering. His interests lie in mechatronics -- a subject related to the interdisciplinary integration of mechanical, electronic, and electrical engineering -- and fluid mechanics. He exemplifies his time management and leadership abilities by serving as the Captain of the Purdue Water Ski Team while also leading the aeromechanical team. Eric enjoys hands-on engineering and seeks to narrow in his career path search into positions that involve working directly with mechanical systems.


Electrical Lead: Hadi Ahmed

BS Computer Engineering
Class of 2022

Hadi is a Senior studying computer engineering. He is fascinated with all types of technology, ranging from large machine learning models to mm-scale microchips. Hadi is working on learning about digital hardware design and plans to pursue a career in creating new computing circuits. His course work is preparing him for such a role as his course work spans all aspects of computing, including network infrastructure, digital design, and embedded systems. In addition to leading PART's electrical team, Hadi serves as the chair of IEEE's Software Saturday's, teaching Purdue engineers web development skills, and as the IEEE infrastructure head, maintaining and updating critical web services.


Software Lead: Diego Montes

BS Computer Engineering
Class of 2022

Diego is a Senior studying computer engineering and minoring in artificial intelligence. His background is in deep learning and software engineering, having applied both to his former work in industry at Ford Motor Company and Cummins Inc. Diego plans to build a career pushing the boundaries of what artificial intelligence can do on-the-edge through research and practical applications. He is excited for the future of PART's software team, having made strides in developing the team's computer vision system over the last eight months.


Sponsorship Coordinator: Charles D'Onofrio

MS Aerospace Engineering
Class of 2024

Charles is a graduate student studying aerospace engineering focusing on dynamics and control, and systems engineering. He intends to add an MBA focusing on finance before leaving Purdue. Charles, having worked in NAVAIR's Propulsion and Power division prior to attending Purdue, sees tremendous potential in PART's ability to provide team members with tangible and highly sought-after expertise in engineering design and leadership not typically found in undergraduates. His vision for PART is to transform the team from a club to a renowned Purdue student-led organization.


Membership Director: Romy Kim

BS Electrical Engineering
Class of 2024

Romy is a Junior in electrical engineering. She enjoys coding, designing DIY circuits for room decor, and learning how to use machining tools. Romy plans on launching a career in the integrated circuit and semiconductor industry, where she aspires to work in a clean room building and testing IC chips. Her long-term goal is to start her own company manufacturing custom built ICs. She is excited to steer the direction of PART's 2022-2023 vision through her role as the membership director, where her primary duty is to recruit new team members and interview leadership applicants.


Marketing Director: Jake Mohler

Business Analytics and Informational Management
Class of 2024

Jake is a Senior in Business Analytics and Informational Management. Jake is pursuing a career as a business analyst to develop his skills working with data to help companies with budgeting and forecasting. He intends to combine his skills in communication and software to improve efficiency of businesses in a large variety of fields. Jake is prepared to help PART with marketing in different ways including web design, social media, advertising, and team merchandising. 


Outreach Director: Kevin Gu

Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
Class of 2025

Kevin is an Sophomore at Purdue University studying Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. He loves taking on side projects that have involved manufacturing, electrical engineering, and computer science. Although a career in aeronautical engineering has been in his sights since childhood, he also seeks to build a well-rounded skillset. If he isn't working on his own STEM passions, he will be helping others build their own through his position as PART's Outreach Director, and he can't wait to inspire the next generation and make an impact with communities.

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